måndag 15 juni 2009

Download Swedish beta!

Here we go!

Finally we got to the point where we release the first Kwik-e-tweet beta. It's Swedish only and it only works on Twitter.

If you want to know how it works, read this blogpost.

How to install:
1. Kwik-e-tweet is an AIR-app so first be shure you've got the AIR player from Adobe.

2. Get your Kwik-e-tweet version >>here<< !

3. Install and have fun!

How Kwik-e-tweet works

Ok. So you're ready to let a machine take care of you social life in the digital channels? You´re brave or crazy. Or just like me, bored.

Either way Kwik-e-tweet will help you. This is how it works:

1. Start the app and log in to Twitter with it.

2. If you're really brave you just check the "Autotwittra"-box and Kwik-e-tweet will start tweeting away with your followers. If you want to have a little more control, click the "Öppna fegispanel"-button.

3. The heart of Kwik-e-Tweet. You have (from top to bottom) the Twitterbox, the Russian urlette and the publishing settings.

4. The Twitterbox
This part of the Kwik-e-Tweet is a phrase engine, creating sentences that describe opinions, situations or other that is worth Twittering about. In the dropdown menue shown below you can choose from a couple of different phrases. After choosing a phrase, click "Slumpa tweet" and a sentence will be created. Do this until Kwik-e-Tweet gives you something interesting. You can create your own sentences by choosing words in the dropdown menues.

Publish it to Twitter by clicking "Publicera Tweet" or copy the text and paste it to your Facebook profile.

Play around with it. You'll get it. It´s not rocket science.

Choosing phrases.

Click "Slumpa Tweet" and your Tweet is made.

Some examples of Kwik-e-Tweets.

5. The Russian urlette.
It's what it says. It creates a link to a random web page and twitters it. Great for really annoying or confusing your followers. "Why on Gods earth is he posting a link about noses?"

6. Publish settings.
Choose if you want Kwik-e-tweet to automatically tweet, or if you want to do it manually. Choose how often Kwik-e-tweet should publish and if the Russian urlette should be activated.

Got it? If not, please make a comment. It's late, I'm tired and most of all - Swedish. My english sounds like the Swedish chef. So bear with my writing.